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Despite all the blames, Windows 8 is not as bad as one might think. The operating system offers better performance with limited resources. In contrast to previous Windows operating systems or competitor operating systems that drain the battery life of your device sooner, Windows 8 consumes very less battery for most of its functions. The less battery consumption for the operation of applications does not mean that the apps perform poorly. In fact, Windows 8 is capable of running all the apps quite better than the predecessor operating systems. This article examines the way Windows 8 reduces battery consumption. Also, you will find in the article some tips to improve the battery life of your Windows 8 device.

Background-friendliness in Windows 8

The major reason why Windows 8 consumes very less battery is its background friendliness. According to Windows 8 help desk, when you minimize applications in Windows 8, it rests idle in the background, consuming no power. When needed, you can pull the app back to the foreground and it is done instantly.

Streamlined settings for background actions

In Windows 8, there is a streamlined setting for background actions. Actions like playing music, downloading, uploading, content sharing, printing, VoIP based actions such as calls, messages or email and functions of live tiles can work in the background in Windows 8. And the best part is that these background actions consume very less battery. The bottom line is, operate maximum number of apps or actions in the background. This will help improve the battery life of your device astonishingly.

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Low footprint

In older Windows operating systems, desktop apps running on the PC used to consume a large amount of battery. Conversely, in Windows 8, there is a better system for this. The way the Metro-style apps are programmed ensure that the desktop apps consume very less battery life. Consequently, you are able to experience improved battery life. When you push a Metro-style app to the background in Windows 8, it will get suspended and will no longer be causing CPU usage.

In addition to these default settings for improved battery life in Windows 8, there are certain home works you can do to ensure less battery consumption and thereby improved battery life for your device. Identify the unwanted services running in the menu bar or taskbar and disable them. According to Windows 8 help desk, disabling such services would improve the battery life by 25 percent.

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Adoption Rates For Windows 8 Lower Than Windows Vista

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Even though Windows Vista is still one of the most hated Windows operating systems, it is still more popular than the latest flagship operating system from Microsoft- Windows 8. There is no argument in the fact that the most erroneous operating system ever released by Microsoft is the fore mentioned operating system. However, what surprises most of the users is the fact that Windows Vista was more popular in its day than its recent predecessor when it comes to launch sales. Even now, after the free upgrade offers, Windows Vista remains more popular than the Windows 8.x franchise.

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Even though Microsoft has released two operating systems after its release, Windows 7 still reigns in the PC market with an estimated 51.21 percent market share, followed by the now support ended Windows XP operating system. Windows Vista and the Windows 8.x franchise stays way below these numbers. The combined share of the 8.x franchise of Windows is about 13.37% as of September with the share of Windows Vista falling to 3.02%. The sad fact is that even after Microsoft made the upgrade to Windows 8.1 free for the Windows 8 devices, the company was still not able to reach the forecasted sales.

Even after fixing all the issues with the operating system, Microsoft failed to push forward the sales of the 8.x franchise. When Vista was first introduced to the industry, it was able to take about 14.3 percent of market share, which the Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 operating systems together could not achieve even now. So it is true to say that Vista saw more success when you compare it with its successors (leave Windows 7).

One must appreciate the standing of Windows XP operating system in the second position even after the support for the operating system was withdrawn. The only hope that Microsoft has left is with the new Windows 9 operating system that is all set to release in early 2015. It is rumored that the company is planning to introduce the operating system as a free upgrade for all PCs that operate on Windows 7 and higher Windows operating systems. The main reason for the failure of Windows 8.x franchise could be attributed to its main feature, the Metro user interface.

Since the Windows 10 operating system is expected to be designed on the Windows 7 concept, there is high chance for the operating system to become a great success.

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How To Upgrade Your Old Operating System With Windows 8.1


       Features Of Windows OS

After an upgrade to Windows 8 operating system, many people criticized it for its poor functionalities. However, Windows 8.1 seems to be a much better operating system with fewer issues reported. So, how can you upgrade to this operating system? In this post, we will take you through the steps and find out how to upgrade to it from the various Windows versions.

From Windows 8

You might already know how to upgrade to Windows 8. Now, upgrading to Windows 8.1 is a simple task. It is also free. All those who have installed Windows 8 on their computers can make this upgrade free of cost. Before you start the upgrade process, take a backup of all the data in the computer. Make sure that your hard disk has free space of at least 3 GB. Now, go to the Microsoft Store. For this, you may open the Charms menu and choose the option Settings. Select Your account under settings and log in to the account. Choose the option Update to Windows 8.1 for free.

Sometimes, you may not find this option in Windows Store. This is because your operating system does not have the latest update installed in it. Therefore, download and install all updates available for the operating system. For this, go to the Settings menu and choose Change PC settings. Select the option Windows Update to download and install updates.


 Windows OS Upgrade

From Windows 7

Run Windows Upgrade Assistant to find out if your Windows 7 PC is ready for the upgrade. If it is, then purchase Windows 8.1 or Windows 8.1 Pro from the Windows Store or from your local retailer. The standard version will cost you 119.99 dollars while the Professional version is priced at 199.99 dollars. You will be able to move most of your apps, personal files and settings from Windows 7 to Windows 8.

From Windows Vista or Windows XP

The users of Windows Vista and Windows XP will have to carry out a clean installation of Windows 8.1 on their computers. That is, they will not be able to move their settings or files along with the upgrade. However, these users may move their files to an external device before the upgrade and then move it to Windows 8.1 after its installation.

We hope that this post has helped you to upgrade your operating system to the latest version of Windows 8.1.

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Taskbar Icons In Windows 8

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Most of you might have worked with the new operating system from Microsoft, Windows 8. While some of you might have liked it, some of you may have not. The operating system is just not like its predecessor, Windows 7. There are numerous changes in the operating system like the Start screen, introduction of apps, new task manager, charm bar etc.

You can find many other changes with the operating systems like the taskbar. You would find various icons in the taskbar, which you may not be familiar with. Now, in this post, we will find out how to work with these icons.

System tray

You might be wondering where the system tray in the task bar is. It is the white arrow present at the right end of the taskbar. You can setup the system tray and customize it as you wish.

Action center

So, which is the icon for action center? Do you see a white flag at the right end of the taskbar? It is the action center of your operating system. You will find various notifications from Microsoft by choosing this Action center. For instance, you will find notifications at the action center if the antivirus program is not updated or if the Windows updates are not turned on.

Battery icon

This icon would show up only if your computer has a battery in it. The battery icon shows the status of the battery in your computer. As the desktop computer does not come with a battery, you will not find this icon on the taskbar of your desktop computer.

Windows 7

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Network connection icon

The network icon can vary depending on the type of internet connection on your computer. That is, 3G connection would have a different icon and so do Wi-Fi connections. If airplane mode is available in your device and if you turn on the computer to this mode, the icon of an airplane would show up in the place of the network icon.

On-screen keyboard

A small keyboard icon in the taskbar is for launching the on-screen keyboard. You may turn on this feature from the Control Panel window under the option PC settings.

These are the major icons found in the Windows 8 taskbar. The taskbar allows you to add more icons to it. You may simply pin any number of program shortcuts to the taskbar by the simple drag and drop method.

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Will The End Of Windows 7 Mainstream Support Boost Windows 8 Sales

How Much To Upgrade To Windows 8

          About Windows 8 Price

In the last couple of months, Microsoft expected to see a significant increase in the Windows 8 sales because of the end of Windows XP support. But instead, most corporate users starting looking at the costs involved, enquiring how much to upgrade to Windows 8, and for updating the hardware to move on. Interestingly, most of them concluded that Windows 8 is not worth the trouble.

Windows 7 set to lose its mainstream support in 2015

Many of these corporate users started upgrading to Windows 7 instead of Windows 8. Though Microsoft really wants their corporate clients to switch from Windows XP, they expected them to purchase Windows 8, rather than going for Windows 7. It was particularly for this reason that Microsoft introduced an update to Windows 8 even before Windows XP support officially expired.

However, almost all of the Windows users out there, especially the corporate users, now consider Windows 8 as a failed OS. As far as they are concerned, they have only one option for making the upgrade from Windows XP – Windows 7. This is why, the deadline for the Windows 7 mainstream support is so important.

After the end of mainstream support, Windows 7 will have just five more years of extended support. Microsoft hopes that they might be able to convince XP and Windows 7 users to upgrade to Windows 8 or Windows 8.1 by pointing out this fact. Though Windows 7 enjoys more than 50% of the entire desktop OS market share at the moment, Microsoft has no plans to extend the end of support deadline set for the popular platform.

Windows 9

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However, if Microsoft wants more users to upgrade to Windows 8, they must be willing to slash down its price. So, how much to upgrade to Windows 8 should cost then?

Even though Windows 8 or Windows 8.1 has very few takers in the market, Microsoft has kept its prices unchanged at $119.99 for the standard versions and $199.99 for Pro editions. It was recently reported that Microsoft is planning to release a free Windows 8.1 update for the smartphones and tablets, as they have to compete with Android in these two categories.

Providing Windows 8 as freeware for one platform, while keeping the price above the 100-dollar mark for another, will only erode the user base further. So, clearly Microsoft has to come up with something else, like Windows 9, to make things right.

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