Tutorial To Use Basic Programs In Windows 8

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Windows 8 is the latest flagship operating system developed by the Microsoft Corporation. It has introduced with it a new and advanced user interface called the MetroUI. It was not an easy task for the PC users to operate the basic programs. Below we discuss some Windows 8 help instructions for using some basic programs.

Using Office Suite

Normally, you get the latest version of the Office Suite, Office Suite 2013 with the Windows 8 operating system. This new version has a much sleeker interface that has been designed to work perfectly with the Windows 8 operating system. Most of the functionalities are same as in the Office 7 so if you have used the Office 7, you will not have much trouble in using the new version. However, some extra functionality has been added to the program to make it more productive and easier to use.

Using Mail App

This application handles all of your email accounts by merging them to a single program thus enabling you to send and receive emails from various at service providers at a single portal. You can synchronize this application with Hotmail, Yahoo, Gmail or any other email service provider.

Using SkyDrive

SkyDrive is the cloud storage service offered by Microsoft. It allows you to store data on the internet easily on the move. One of the greatest advantage of SkyDrive is that you access these files from anywhere in the world and there is no chance of losing your data. You can also download games, productivity apps, sports apps and a variety of programs to the SkyDrive.

Using Store

Windows Store, popularly known as Store, is an online market place for Windows devices from where you can download latest applications and games to your device. Some of the applications can be downloaded free of cost while others require payment.

Windows Store

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Accessing the Accessories

You can find the accessories that are very useful like notepad or the calculator, by clicking on the Charmsmenu and then scrolling to the right until you find them. When you find them, just click on them to launch the programs.

Using New Printing Tools

First, make sure that you have added the printer through the device’s charm menu. In most of the desktop programs, you can print the pages as it were before. There is no change in it. If you cannot print a page from the program, feel free to contact the Windows 8 help and support team.

So, as you can see, working with various new and advanced programs in the latest Windows 8 operating system is very easy and you can learn all of it by yourself.