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Start Menu In Windows 8

Microsoft has released several operating systems for the Windows users. One such operating system that is recently released by the Microsoft is Windows 8. Microsoft released Windows 8 with so many exciting features and characteristics. Windows 8 introduced a new style of user interface called as the Metro user interface. In addition, in Windows 8, all the icons are placed in the form of tiles. Therefore, tapping on any of the tile will open the corresponding application in your computer. Moreover, it has improved security features and efficiency.

However, the release of Windows 8 was not that big a hit as was expected by Microsoft. There were many reasons for the failure of Windows 8 to catch the user’s attention. First and foremost thing is the absence of the traditional Windows Start button. Moreover, the new interface brought about utter confusion among the users. These all lead to the disapproval of Windows 8 among the users. Microsoft addressed this issue by the release of a new updated operating system called Windows 8.1.

Reports say that the release of Windows 8.1 will see the return of the Start menu. In the new Windows 8 OS, Microsoft introduced a Metro user interface instead of the traditional Windows Start button. Therefore, the people who started using Windows 8 found it more disorienting. Even though Microsoft says that the Start screen can perform all the functions that the traditional Start button did, the users could not accommodate the new Start screen, as it was not as easy to use, like the traditional Start button.


            Help Regarding The Start Menu In Windows

According to the Windows guru analyst Paul Thurrott, the new version the operating system of Windows- code-named as Threshold will see the return of the traditional Start button as an option. However, this action has been delayed by Microsoft, as the users have already ditched the Windows 8 operating system. This is mainly because Microsoft thought that only amateur computer users would want the Start button back in the OS. However, it is obvious from the various Windows 8 help reviews that almost all the users worldwide prefer the traditional Start button over the new Start screen.

Let us hope that Microsoft will include the traditional Start button in the new release, Windows 8.1. The inclusion of the traditional Start button in the new update of Windows OS will bring huge revenue by attracting more users to it. If Microsoft continues to ignore the same, the users will stick to the old operating systems like Windows Vista or Windows 7.

You can get more information on Windows 8 features and Windows 8.1 installation by contacting the Windows 8 help center.