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As Microsoft faced myriad criticisms for the radical changes and flaws in the Windows 8 operating system, it launched Windows 8.1 update to silence the detractors. The tech giant assures that Windows 8.1 compensates for all the errors in its forerunner platform, as well as adds numerous futuristic features that aim to benefit both individual users as well as enterprises. Nonetheless, the recent complaints regarding the update speak out differently.

Users who moved on with Windows 8 earlier found it incompatible with the installed drivers and hardware components in the system. Though Windows 8 help center ignored the upgrade failure earlier and underlined that the problems arose because of outdated drivers, Windows 8.1 is facing the same issues at present. User posts on Microsoft’s technical support website say that when they tried to update their Windows computers to the latest platform, an error message with the code 0x40017 popped up on their screen, and the update failed reverting back the operating system to the older one.

The update errors have been frequently cited by users for around a month now, and Microsoft has provided solutions to some of the update issues that were found related to obsolete NVidia GeForce graphics cards, and incompatible hardware components from SteelSeries. However, the actual reason behind the error 0x40017 has not been brought to light until now.

Microsoft technicians replied to the complaints in their Windows 8 help blog post saying that they are on the run to search for solutions that are not linked with NVidia drivers or SteelSeries software. Microsoft officials said, “If you have tried all of these steps and are still receiving the 0x40017 error, we are still investigating the issue to determine what additional drivers are causing this error. We would like to thank everyone who sent us their log files to help us in this effort. We have collected enough sample files to work with, and are analyzing the logs at this time. We will post a fix or solution as soon as they are confirmed.”

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Nevertheless, the tech giant remained silent stating the reach of the problem, and has not revealed its plans to fix the issue. Microsoft was forced to pull down the Windows RT 8.1 update from the Windows Store soon after its release   as it faced similar issues. Let us hope Microsoft thinks differently apart from its ‘dump the operating system’ idea for Windows 8.1.