Making use of the Windows 8 Power Button

Windows 8 help, Power button

Getting to know the use of a Power button

Powering down your PC must never ever be attempted by directly switching off the PC since it can be damaging to your PC. It is recommended that you make use of the Windows 8 Power button provided by the operating system. Now the power option offers three different options as required by the user. They are Sleep, Shut Down and Restart. The Sleep option is made use of when you require your PC to go into a low power mode without exactly shutting down. This helps the user to save time and go back to the state of the PC where he left off. Thus the new Windows 8 also helps the user to customize the way the power button acts when pressed. Like when deciding on whether to Sleep or Shut Down as desired by the user. Here are a few instructions from the Windows 8 help team on how to do exactly that.


  • First off, right click the desktop’s bottom-left corner, choose Control Panel from the pop-up menu, and select the System and Security category. Then from the desktop, slide your finger in from the screen’s right edge, tap the Settings icon, and tap the Control Panel link in the screen’s top-right corner. Then tap the System and Security category.
  • Now select the Power Options icon. The Power Options window appears here which you may use to set to the Windows normal setting: Balanced.
  • Now from the left panel, select the Choose What the Power Button Does link. A window appears, offering a menu.
  • Choose your changes appropriately. Using the menu, you can tell your PC’s power button to Do Nothing, Sleep, Hibernate, or  Shut Down.
  • The extra options in this menu maybe made to behave differently according to whether they’re plugged in or running on
    Windows 8 help, Power button

    Getting to know the use of a Power button

    batteries. It lets users to run them at full power when plugged in, but to conserve power when on batteries.

  • There is a menu that allows the laptop user to choose their laptop’s behavior when they close its lid or press its sleep button.
  • Click the Save Changes button. For extra security, select the Require a Password radio button so that anybody waking up your PC needs your password to see your information.

With that we come to the set of instructions from the Windows 8 help team. Thank you for going through the article. Have a great day ahead!